The Most Delicious Perfume Oil

I’m a smell freak. When my boyfriend has just stepped out of the shower after washing his glorious body with Molton Brown, I leap on top of him like a sniffer dog. When a lady walks past me in the street and I get a whiff of a beautiful and unfamiliar scent, I can’t help but ask her what she’s wearing. The other day I was given the Kai Rose perfume oil as a gift, and it’s hands down the best scent I’ve worn in a while. I’m usually sceptical about rose scents as they can tend to be a little on the Granny side. But not this one. It’s heavenly. My boyfriend doesn’t notice smells too often, I can spend 250 quid on Tom Ford and he won’t even bat a nostril. But when I rolled this delicious oil on to my wrists and neck he literally stopped and went “OOOO BABY YOU SMELL GOOOOOD.” Uh. The ultimate compliment.


Kai by Gaye Straza Kai Rose Perfume Oil 3.6ml • £48


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