Organic Skincare? My Current Faves

I’d never been one for caring about the ingredients in my makeup and skincare until I first developed adult acne just over a year a go. The cystic, swollen lumps all over my face lead me in to a skincare obsessed frenzy, where I spent 3 days straight reading articles upon articles about the causes of acne and the importance of what we choose to use on our biggest organ – our skin. Yet, still to this day, my makeup kit and the hair and skin products I use on a daily basis are far from being totally natural and organic, but it’s definitely something I’m starting to consider far more often when making purchases and giving advice.

The vast majority of commercial cosmetics contain very little in the way of nutritional ingredients that can actually benefit your beauty regime and provide your skin with vitamins and minerals it needs. Instead of improving the health of your skin and hair, they use chemicals to temporarily cover up any issues you might have. I’m currently using Duac cream to treat the acne on my back, neck and face, and it honestly feels awful to be allowing such strong and toxic chemicals to be absorbed in to my skin. These chemicals have been linked to health issues and are widely acknowledged to be carcengoenic. Organic products, on the other hand, are often rich in ingredients like:

Vitamin C:  a superpower when it comes to antioxidants and it fights free radicals, which attack the skin’s support structure and leads to imparting collagen and the aging of skin.

Vitamin E: another powerful antioxidant that soothes out the skin and helps reduce fine lines and wrinkles.

Vitamin A: vital for the repair of skin. If you notice your skin is dull, flaky, or quite brass, look for products that include this.

One of my favourite organic skincare brands at the moment is Pai Skincare. I first discovered their Rosehip Oil after reading reviews online about how incredible it is for healing acne scars – and they weren’t wrong. Within just four days the scarring on my face had decreased so much that you could barely tell i’d ever had acne at all. After having such a positive experience I decided to try the rest of their skincare range, and wasn’t disappointed at all. In fact – I’m in love! The only product I do not enjoy so much is their Toner – I just don’t really like the smell which is totally personal preference. Instead, I like to use the Pixie Glow Tonic toner – it’s a miracle worker.

I’ve tried a lot of organic skincare products over the past year, but none that leave my skin feeling so lovely and fresh, all without breaking me out or causing me to have super oily skin. I’ve listed my current favourites below 🙂


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