OOF! The Tata Harper Clarifying Mask

If you follow me on Instagram you may have noticed that I’m an avid face mask super fan and spend the majority of my time wandering around in a dressing gown looking like Mrs. Doubtfire covered in cream pie.

But I have to say, in all my years of face masking wearing, I’ve never ever before taken off a mask and said ‘Oh WOW!’ out loud, nor have I ever been absolutely amazed by the ‘incredible difference’ it’s made. They never usually do that much for me, It’s more for the pampering, the enjoyment of slapping it on and the fresh faced feeling I get when I’ve scrubbed it all off. (Unless of course we’re talking about the DIY activated charcoal and apple cider vinegar mask, which ruined my bathroom sink, dripped all over my PJ’s and made my face smell like a foot. Not enjoyable. Doesn’t work. Absolutely do not recommend.)

AND THEN! The other day I received a tiny sample pot of the Tata Harper Clarifying Mask. There’s something about bright green masks that I just love. It’s my favourite colour for a start, and it just looks like the real deal. There was a generous amount in the sample pot – enough for two full face masks. 

This particular mask promises to balance sebum (thus controlling excess oiliness which I have plenty of, thank you hormones), while also calming the skin and relieving redness…again, another problem for my acne prone skin. It’s absolutely full of natural skin care ingredients; salicylic acid, honey, a superfruit blend, quartz sand micro-crystals for exfoliation and essential vitamins and fatty acids.

The consistency is like almost like sandy honey and I find it takes a really long time to dry which I love as it doesn’t cause my face to feel too tight. It also has a super strong scent, which I actually quite like because it smells as though it really works and is packed full of powerful ingredients.

HOWEVER, upon taking this mask off after 20 minutes (I used a linen cloth…it won’t come off easily with your hands alone!) I genuinely said ‘Oh WOW!’ out loud. Never been done before. Promise.

My skin was absolutely glowing. Like literally, It was as though I’d had some miracle skin peel which revealed a whole new layer of face. My acne was calm, my skin was soooo soft and super hydrated – but not oily. It was like I had perfectly smooth, balanced skin! (aside from my usual lumps and bumps which you can’t expect a face mask to clear in one day.)

A little goes a very long way which is why the price tag of £50 seems very much worth it. I’d rather pay that much for a mask that is truly amazing, than spend £20-£30 on a mask that just get’s the same old ‘meh’. Ya feel?

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