Tarte Shape Tape – Worth The Hype?

If you haven’t heard of ‘Shape Tape’ yet then you must’ve just woken up from a very long coma. In fact, I’m about 99% sure my Dad knows what it is. Tarte have absolutely nailed this formula, it’s front runner in my favourite concealers at the moment, with Nars Radiant Creamy Concealer and Becca Ultimate Coverage Concealer coming in second and third. They’re all full coverage, super creamy, easy to blend and do not crease under the eye (My absolute pet hate).

But there’s something special about Shape Tape and how versatile it is. A little goes a very long way, and it has been designed to use as both a concealer, and also for beautifully blended highlight and contour. It’s available in 14 shades, and the lightest shade is super super light and therefore perfect for highlighting even the palest of skin tones. Oh, and let’s not forget to mention that it’s cruelty free! YAAS.

I’m pretty sure I’m not the only person who’s gradually trying to replace their entire makeup bag/kit with only cruelty free products, but I can’t bare to chuck out the thousands of pounds worth of MAC products I haven’t finished just yet :(.

Possibly the hottest commodity of 2016, the  Shape Tape contour concealer from Tarte Cosmetics. I have the shade "Fair Neutral."


Okay so here are a list of my pro’s and con’s:


  • It’s super blendable.
  • A little bit goes a very long way.
  • It smells divine, like lemons.
  • It’s highly pigmented.
  • Amazing for dry skin as it’s so hydrating.
  • Doesn’t crease under the eye.
  • Full coverage with a semi-matte finish, whilst still being ‘glowy’.
  • It literally lasts all day even on it’s own, without a setting powder.
  • It’s a generous size. You get your money’s worth and even when using it to highlight as well a concealer, it lasts a long time. I’ve had mine for 3 months now and it’s still going strong.
  • It’s cruelty free.


  • The wand picks up A LOT of product and it’s very easy to use too much.
  • That’s literally the only (sort of) bad thing about it.
  • Nope can’t think of anything else.

In terms of application, It works beautifully with a damp beauty blender, but my absolute favourite brush to blend concealer with is the Mac 217 which you can purchase here. It’s actually designed for blending eyeshadow and creamy products – If you don’t have this brush yet then you 100% need it – it’s hands down my favourite makeup brush. I genuinely think I have around 7 of them. It can be used to gently buff concealer in to your skin leaving it looking super soft and airbrushed. It works particularly well around the eye, nose and chin area where concealer can often be left unblended and gather in creases.

Now where to buy the glorious Shape Tape? Ah. Since I’m in the UK and we have no stockists here, I had to suck it up and get my first ever product from the Tarte online store here, where they do 15% off your first order or free shipping when you spin their rewards wheel 🙂 Woop. QVC also sell it, but they are ALWAYS sold out – you can try and get your shade here. And then if you’re lucky enough to live the US, Ulta is probably the best place to get it from and they are usually well stocked.

I personally wear the shade ‘Light Medium’ as it’s a few shades lighter than my skin tone and I love to use it as a highlighter. You can click here to see Tarte’s very own shade guide which will help you to choose the best colour for you.


What Shades Do The Tarte Cosmetics Shape Tape Concealers Come In? They've Got Quite The Range



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