4 Eyeshadow Palettes You Need To Try

Hi babies,

You guys are always asking me about my favourite eyeshadow palettes, and since I’m constantly seeing people recommend the same ones over and over and over I thought i’d suggest you try a few that are a little less well known and took me some digging to find. I’m kinda bored of the hype around the usual suspects – Urban Decay, Too Faced, Morphe etc. So here are 4 palettes that I absolutely love and believe everybody should get to try. (I was aiming for 5 but I couldn’t think of a fifth one that made the cut!)

Melt Cosmetics – Rust Stack


I can’t raveeeee enough about how much I love this stack of eyeshadows. (It’s not really a palette, each colour comes in a generous sized magnetic pan and they all stick together) Every color is so rich, vibrant, and blends like an absolute dream. If you thing is a rusty brown smoky eye, geddit. These colours are best suited to green, hazel and brown eyes.

Click here for the website.

Coloured Raine – Queen of Hearts


This is my HG palette of the mome. The quality of all of the shadows is ridiculous; highly pigmented, smooth to apply, easy to blend & build up – even without an eyeshadow primer. There isn’t much fallout, and the shimmer goes on like foil – and it stays put. There are 12 beautiful colours and the amount of looks you could create are endless. I honestly think these tones suit my brown eyes best, the oranges, browns and purples really make them pop.

Click here for the website. (For those in the UK – save yo money, I think it’s going live on Beauty Bay very soon)

Violet Voss – Holy Grail

This palette really reminds me of the Modern Renaissance – so i’d recommend getting one or the other rather than both. Save your money for something a little different. I absolutely love the Modern Renaissance, it’s sooo buttery and easy to blend, but I do feel like because of the fallout it just gets used up so so fast and the pans are pretty small. The Violet Voss has hardly any fall out at all, the colours are just as pigmented, soooo gorgeous and easy to blend and they last a lot longer. Plus there’s more colours.

Click here for the link to Beauty Bay.


Juvia’s Place – Mini Masquerade Palette


Now i’m not one for cool tones, they just do not suit me at all, smoky blue eyes are something I’m constantly trying and failing at. I just couldn’t leave the house with turquoise lids :’) HOWEVER! A pop of colour on my smoky warm eyes is always a  winner, and for those of you who love cool tones I had to throw this one in the mix. All of Juvia’s Place palettes are unbelievable. They are SO cheap ($25 in the US, and £30 here in the UK) The pigmentation is like nothing I’ve ever witnessed, there’s next to no fall out, and the metallic shades go on like foil. I honestly I think the cooler tones and the bright pinks are amazing for out-there looks and festival season. Plus you get 8 gorgeous warm shades (and that gold shade down there at the bottom is the ULTIMATE.)

You need this. Click here to go to the website, and take a look at all of their other palettes as you might find one you prefer. Again, if you’re in the UK check out Beauty Bay as they stock them but are currently sold out (for good reason ;))


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  1. Dani
    August 24, 2017 / 2:35 pm

    Ah the rust stack and the queen of hearts I NEED! x look so beautiful ✨

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