Tried & Tested – Cosmetic Acupuncture

I spent one afternoon last week looking like a human pin cushion, with needles sticking out my ears, forehead, chin, cheeks and ankles. It was pretty mental. When I first found out about cosmetic acupuncture, I was hesitant to say the least. I didn’t think the results could possibly be worth the ‘pain’ (it really doesn’t hurt), and it took me a little while to warm to the idea. Eventually, after reading so many amazing reviews and hearing from friend’s about how incredible it is, I decided to go ahead with the treatment.


(Yes I know, I look like a pretty sexy man here)

Otherwise known as facial acupuncture or facial rejuvenation acupuncture, cosmetic acupuncture is a traditional health practice that aims to target the signs of skin aging and stress, bringing back a beautiful, youthful glow. It’s becoming super popular among people who are struggling with acne, hyper pigmentation, scarring and other skin issues and aren’t keen on the idea of undergoing harsher chemical treatments such as peels and Botox just yet.

I had absolutely no idea how relaxing and wonderful it would be. The lady who carried out my treatment, Sarah, just so happens to be one of the warmest and most nurturing people I’ve ever met, so I immediately felt totally at ease and comfortable in her care. You know when you meet someone and their energy is just a bit magical? Yep. (Her Instagram is @sarahbradden so feel free to pop her message and ask any questions – she’s based in London.)

We began by talking about some personal issues I’m going through, how I feel health wise, we spoke about my skin concerns at length and then Sarah performed a tongue diagnosis – which confirmed that I was having some digestive issues. Not only would the acupuncture help my skin on a surface level, it would also target my digestive organs and encourage them to heal in order to help clear my skin. Woop!

She started with a lovely healing, cleansing ritual with a face and chest massage. She then placed Thrive intradermal needles in to various points on my face to relax facial tissue, define, sculpture and encourage renewed circulation by stimulating, repairing and renewing the skin mechanisms from within the dermis. The ultra fine body and ear needles were placed in the areas relating to the organs which needed the most support and healing. These needles hurt slightly more going in than the others, which showed just how accurate the treatment was.

She used LED light therapy (super powerful, non invasive and credited by NASA – fancy) on my stomach to aid the healing of my gut, and then moved these to my face once all the needles were in place and a lovely peptide infusion mask was placed over my skin.

Last but not least, to top off this wonderfully pampering experience, she only went and gave me a good half hour of reflexology to activate my energy channels, reduce fluid retention and tone my facial contour. Wowza. And holy shit did it work.

I’m not sure if you saw my before and after photos (see below), but I looked as though i’d just woken up from a seven year coma. It was insane. My eyes were wider, my face was glowing and fresh, I had more colour, more plumpness? Is that even a word? I was way plumper anyway. It was mental.

Here are some reasons why I love love love Sarah’s treatment, and will be going forward with a course of many more:

  1. It’s safe
  2. It works. lol, always a bonus
  3. It’s so relaxing
  4. Increases blood, energy and lymph circulation
  5. Fights the signs of ageing
  6. Targets skin issues at their root, rather than just addressing the outer layer of skin on your face
  7. Addresses important health issues and works with you to heal from the inside out
  8. Lifts, tightens, firms and plumps
  9. It makes you G L O W
  10. Reduces scarring and pigmentation
  11. Helps to reduce inflammation from with rosacea and cystic acne
  12. Balances your god damn hormones, which will in turn make you feel less stressed, way more zen, and far less spotty
  13. Makes you look 15 years old

Cosmetic Acupuncture┬áis not a replacement for surgery, however it is a brilliant natural alternative. It is MUCH less costly and a far safer treatment. Unlike surgery, it is painless and has no negative side effects, there’s zero trauma inflicted on the body and there is no need for recovery or down time.


Love ya,

Meg x


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  1. Abbi Macdonald
    October 24, 2017 / 9:47 pm

    I need this!! sounds absolutely AMAZING! BOOKING IN..Thanks once again Meg…Not really sure how I got through life before without you ­čÖé haha from….. Vita Liberata which I have to say is LIFE to Magnesium tabs and now this. Just some of the wonderful things you have passed on…You really do make a difference to peoples lives…..Inspiration xxxx

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