I’m Megan Lane, and I created this blog for us both.

Writing has always been my favourite hobby, I remember being a little girl with my face buried in my note pad, filling the pages with my HB pencil and writing fictional stories until my hand would ache. To this date, I still find it to be the most healing and therapeutic hobby, and I’ve finally managed to turn something that sets my soul on fire, in to my career. Ahh. The dream. To work at doing something you truly, truly love. It has been the best decision I’ve ever made. But not only do I love to write, my other (equally) favourite hobby is to give advice.

We were all born in to this world empty handed, and since we can’t take anything with us when we die – I can only assume that we were all put on this earth to give ourselves away. To use our skills, our talents and our God-given gifts to help one another and contribute to making this planet a better place, each in our own very special way.

My gift to you is raw, open honesty about my life, struggles, breakthroughs and the lessons I’ve learnt over the years. My gift to you is a wide open space, where you never need to feel judged, shamed or guilty for simply being human. Beauty tips, genuine opinions, friendly guidance and the constant reminder that you are worthy, magnificent and loved; that Instagram really isn’t real life, and that your true beauty runs so much deeper than the surface of your skin.

Love you all,

Meg x